The first and highest quality clothing material of nature bestowed on human beings on earth. We too fell in love with this natural wonder.

And in 1988 we set out to process it and become a pioneer in fashion.

As Bilgin’s, we approach this material, which we respect, with advanced sewing technologies, and use the highest quality leather, fur and accessories.

Turkey, especially the many world famous brand fur, performing with our work on the production of leather and textile products 500, "Scholar's Luxury" our products with our brand in Russia, Ukraine, USA, UK, we convey a broad audience in South Korea and the Arab region.

We offer luxury segment products such as fur, leather, crocodile, chinchilla and python to our customers in our two stores in Istanbul. In addition, we bring our high quality and different designs to the world by offering them for sale under the brand "Bilgin's Luxury" in tourism stores located in holiday regions, especially in Antalya.

In 2020, we add a new dimension to our sales points in the retail sector with e-commerce and e-export steps.